Layla Al Rayes (b. 1986) is a London-based artist. Her work explores themes of migration, diaspora identity, colonialism, femininity and gender. 

Rayes spent her childhood years in Manila, Philippines, her adolescence in Bahrain and her adult life in London, UK. Art has been the centre of her world since she was young; she always felt a strong connection to colour, light, mark-making, form and textures.

Through her work, Rayes reflects on her multicultural roots, challenging notions of belonging and exploring the facets of universal culture - how we as human beings are culturally connected, and how we become culturally enmeshed. She draws inspiration from personal and collective experiences as well as the wider historical context, ultimately rendering her art as a form of storytelling.

Her work is mainly figurative, captured in the form of portraiture and genre art through painting, drawing or printmaking. She uses a range of mediums such as acrylic and gouache paints, inks, oil pastels and charcoal.

Rayes moved to London in 2004 to pursue higher education at the University Arts London. She went to Central Saint Martins and London College of Communication. As a self-taught artist, she developed her skills in fine art whilst simultaneously working in the design and advertising industry. She is now focused on building her fine art practice.

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